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Kalash Washable Distemper

Kalash Washable Distemper is a paint product designed to offer several key benefits for various applications. Here’s an evaluation of its features based on the provided criteria. Kalash Washable Distemper is formulated to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It resists the effects of humidity, temperature fluctuations, and general environmental wear, maintaining its appearance and integrity over time. This distemper is designed to be washable, indicating a degree of water resistance. While it is not fully waterproof, it can withstand occasional cleaning and exposure to moisture without degrading, making it ideal for areas that require regular maintenance. The distemper includes UV-resistant properties. It helps in preventing the paint from fading and degrading due to prolonged sun exposure, thereby maintaining its color and finish for a longer period. Kalash Washable Distemper is a versatile and reliable paint option that provides good weather resistance, water resistance, durability, UV protection, and resistance to algae and fungal growth. Its ease of application and eco-friendly formulation make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects. While it may not match the performance of specialized high-end coatings in extreme conditions, it offers a balanced set of features suitable for a wide range of applications.

Features & Benefits

Weather Resistance

UV Protection


Eco Friendly

Resistance to Algae and Fungal Growth