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Interior Regular Emulsion – Mayur

“Interior Regular Emulsion – Mayur” refers to a type of paint specifically designed for interior surfaces. This indicates that the paint is cost-effective for interior applications, making it suitable for budget-conscious consumers or projects where cost is a factor. “High sheen” suggests that the paint has a glossy or reflective finish when applied to surfaces. This can enhance the visual appeal of the painted area by adding a subtle shine. Like the previous description, a smooth finish ensures that the painted surfaces appear even and free of imperfections, contributing to the overall aesthetic quality of the interior space. Overall, this interior regular emulsion paint by Mayur offers an economical option with a high sheen, smooth finish, and coverage suitable for interior painting projects of various sizes.

Features & Benefits

High Sheen

Smooth Finish

Economical interior emulsion

Coverage: 70 Sq.ft / Ltr/ 2 Coats

Available Pack Size: 1 ltr/ 4 ltrs/ 10ltrs/ 20 Ltrs