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Exterior Emulsion- Weather Care

“Exterior Emulsion – Weather Care” is a type of high-performance exterior emulsion paint designed for outdoor surfaces. The paint is cost-effective, making it suitable for budget-conscious consumers or projects where cost is a consideration. Despite being economical, it offers high performance for exterior applications. The paint is formulated to resist fungal growth, preventing the formation of mold and mildew on exterior surfaces. This feature helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment and extends the longevity of the painted surfaces. The paint exhibits resistance to dust buildup on exterior surfaces. This feature helps to keep the painted surfaces clean and reduces the frequency of maintenance and cleaning requirements. The paint protects against ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. UV protection helps to prevent the paint from fading or degrading due to exposure to sunlight, ensuring long-lasting color and vibrancy. In summary, Weather Care Exterior Emulsion offers an economical yet high-performance solution for exterior painting projects. It provides anti-fungal properties, dust resistance, UV protection, and sufficient coverage, making it suitable for various outdoor surfaces and environments.

Features & Benefits

Anti Fungal

Dust Resisrence

UV protection

Coverage : 60 - 65 Sqft/ Ltr/ 2 Coats

Available pack size: 1ltr/4ltrs/10ltrs/20ltrs