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Majolica  Interior Emulsion is an excellent quality paint providing a rich and a smooth pleasing finish for interior walls. It is an economical emulsion that can be used to decorate and protect interior walls. It has better ease of application and is washable and gives luxurious look and blemish free finish to the walls that lasts longer at the price very similar to distemper.


Majolica  Interior Emulsion can be applied on all types of smooth plasters, false ceiling, old new concrete plaster, chipboard and hard board.


- It is washable and most stains can be removed easily by sponging with a mild soap solution

- Smooth and glossy finish.

- Easy to maintain, beauty walls for longer

- Durable and high scrub resistance


Pack Size

Available pack sizes are





We can also make larger pack sizes available to customer on their demand.

Practical Coverage

A guide to the practical coverage which can be achieved on smooth primer masonry surface by brushing 235-270 sqft /Ltr.

No. of Coats

Apply 2 coats of majolica premium interior emulsion for repainting and 3 coats for fresh surface painting.

Film Thickness

60 micron


Brush: 450-500 ml of water in 1 ltr  paint                        Spray: 550-600 ml of water in 1ltr paint                                 


Smooth and matt

Application Details

Recommended Tools


Cleaning Up

Clean all equipment with water after use.

Drying Time

Surface Dry:- 25 – 30 Minutes

Full Dry:- 4 – 6 Hours

Drying times may vary depending on temperature, humidity, atmosphere and film thickness.

Surface Preparation

Make sure that the new or previously painted surfaces are clean, dry and free from loose paint, dust or grease, fungus etc.

Rub down the surface with abrasive paper. And make sure that previously painted surface are brushed down completely and are made clean and smooth.

Use ACC putty(Cement Base) to cover the large holes and cracks. Allow it to dry. Apply always cement primer WT (Interior) in order to seal the surface from water and salts.

- Allow surface to dry completely. Now the surface will be smooth and ready for Majolica Premium Interior Emulsion to be applied.

Application Instructions

- Hand stir the paint thoroughly before use for the best result.

­- As per you desire it can be rolled, brushed or sprayed.

- The paint should be diluted as per specification(500-600ml/Ltr)

- Over diluted will to the capacity being lower than expected.

- Allow at least 4-6 hours for drying between coats.

-Wring of water is not necessary.

Storage and Handling


Container should be stored in cool place away from heat.

Flash Point

Water Based paint, Non-flammable

Stability of thinned Paint

Use within 24 hours

Shelf Life

5 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed container away from the direct sunlight and excessive heat.

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